Deposit Assistance

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Moving can be an expensive adventure.  What can you do when upfront charges would leave you low on cash? You need an option that offers a low cost solution, yet still provides you with deposit coverage. Paying a “one-time” fee for insurance or surety bonds can sound great, but, more cash at move-in only means you might owe a large amount when you move out. This can lead to a collection account which can damage your credit, and impact future moves. Why not choose a solution that not only provides a low cost move in, but also protects you when you move-out. Often putting more money in your pocket towards your next move. You Need DepositCloud! Our deposit program can improve your credit while providing peace of mind. Click on the “New Enrollment” link to sign up today, or contact as to find out more about our program.


You will have 24hr online access to your account, make payments, view balances, and request assistance.


Unlike those “alternative” options, like surety bonds and deposit insurance, your account has real value. On move out, it goes toward move-out costs.


Do you need to boost a Low credit score? Your DepositCloud account will report as a positive trade line each month as you pay on time.


Save towards the future. That’s right, your payments build a savings account. Leave your apartment clean and little or no damage, and you can get a refund. Cash in your pocket towards your future.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Relax and enjoy your new home without the stress of coming up with a large down payment.

No Hassle Approval

Why complicate things? An approval from your new community is also our approval too.

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